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Exclusive agent of KEMICHAL, SAGOLA and RECOLL

Vermac is an import company of varnishes and paints that markets its products all over Greece. The specialization and know-how for the application of color on wood, glass and metal makes us pioneers in Greece and abroad.

The products we have on the Greek market are produced in Italy by KEMICHAL, which we represent exclusively for the whole of Greece. All products are manufactured according to European specifications and international regulations.

Our goal is complete customer satisfaction obtained with the quality of our products, with the efficiency and reliability of our production system, with the knowledge and availability of the technical staff, with the high level of services and the ability of the commercial network.

kemichal main logo


For over 50 years the company has been involved in the production of paints, dyes and wood solvents. It has a certified Quality system according to the international standard UNI EN ISO 9001, as well as a series of certifications from independent institutes.

It distributes its products in Italy and abroad, through a large network of resellers. It has a range of polyurethane, nitro, acrylic, synthetic and water-based paints for both interior and exterior applications, as well as specialist and innovative products for metalworking and marine applications.

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Sagola is a Spanish manufacturer of air brush equipment and airguns with worldwide recognition, not only in the domestic market but also in more than 80 countries abroad.

It owns and distributes a large number of spray models and a large list of equipment for various applications, such as paint guns, air filters, pressure vessels, up to complex CNC coating machines ensuring the best technical conditions to offer the best quality in the final product.

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One of the leading companies in the field of glue production for wood floors, frames, interior and exterior wooden constructions with advanced technologies and certifications from international institutes.

The steady increase in production has established it nationally and internationally, giving it a prominent position in international business activities, with services that are constantly improving.

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Professional paint application tools.